A devout warrior of the Catholic church.


Home Planet: Neoterra

Faction: PanOceania



You are a decorated Father-Knight. You never set out to serve God with sword and gun, but now you know that it was His plan for you all along.
As far back as you can remember, you always wanted to be a priest. You knew you had a vocation to serve God. But in the seminary something never felt right. You bounced aimlessly from one area of study to another. One day your Bishop came to you and spoke with you for many hours. Then he told you that what you longed for was to be the Church in action, and he gave you a letter of referral and told you where you needed to go.
He was right. In the Order, you felt you felt right at home immediately. Missions gave you purpose. The rigours of training let you make the most of your God-given physical talents. In the joy and terror and relief of a battle fought and won you could feel His hand.


Bureau Noir Terrordactyl