Elite and faithful shock commando for Bakunin.


Home: Bakunin
Faction: Nomads



Yours is a life of service. You serve the people. You serve God. You serve Bakunin.
At times, you find your thoughts turned to what your life might have been. You lost your family at a young age, when their living module
was destroyed by Yuan Yuan pirates thinking they could breach Bakunin. In the Convent of the Observance of Mercy, however, you found the path that God intended for you. The Sisters taught you that when the Great Apostasy seized the Catholic Church — when they made their agreement with the Devil ALEPH — that the faith of the multitudes had been corrupted.
Only by facing the Devil on its own battlefields could that corruption be cleansed. That is why you became a Reverend Moira. As a Moira, you are one of the best AI experts and hackers in the Sphere. You will stand strong in your faith. And you will guide others to find their own.


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