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  • Bureau Noir

    Bureau Noir’s operative teams are flexibly liaised through the other O-12 Bureaus, which means that their duties can effectively take them anywhere in the Human Sphere. Theoretically, Bureau Noir — like O-12 itself — is a neutral agency and its …

  • O-12

    [[File:527861 | class=media-item-align-none | Screen_Shot_2015-11-16_at_2.13.46_AM.png]] O-12 is the "Organization of 12 Planets" based on the planet [[Concilium | Concilium]].

  • Bureau Aegis

    [[File:524145 | class=media-item-align-none | 538547_345546112182861_134150775_n.jpg]] Bureau Aegis comprises O-12's peacekeeping forces.

  • Corporal Felix Yorgos

    Appearance: Greek-African with a dash of Arabic. Chiseled in face and body. His eyes are cybernetic implants with rotating haloes of gold and silver. Quote: Background: Felix comes from a family of mudhoppers, bouncing around the Human Sphere while …