Combined Army

Led by the enigmatic Evolved Intelligence — a powerful alien AI with designs upon the destiny of humanity which it has not deigned to share — the Combined Army came screaming through the Acheron wormhole and fell upon the colonies of Paradiso without warning or mercy.
As its name suggests, the Combined Army is a military force formed from the dozens of alien races conquered and subjugated by the EI. The two most prominent species of the Combined Army during the Paradiso Offensives are the Morat and the Shasvastii.

p. Evolved upon a hostile world of super-predators and born from countless generations of endless warfare, the Morat are hirsute, red-skinned giants with vestigial horns. Morat males stand, on average, seven feet tall, and some are as large as the smaller TAGs. Their women are lither, but no less deadly.

The hunter-warrior culture of the Morat has moulded itself to the EI’s insatiable drive for conquest. They serve as eager foot-soldiers in its military campaigns. As merciless engines of destruction they have crushed countless civilizations in EI’s name.

p. The Shasvastii are a lost race. They once flourished as a galactic civilization spread across the entirety of the island universe known to humanity as Messier 82, a starburst galaxy. One hundred million years ago, however, their galaxy collided with Messier 81 and their civilization was ripped apart.

In an effort to save their race, the Shasvastii spewed Embryo Arks out into the dark vastness of space, targeting thousands of galaxies across the Virgo Supercluster in order to maximize their odds of success. One of these Arks crossed a void of twelve million light years before nally alighting in the Milky Way. The local Shasvastii hope that other Arks were also successful in their journeys, but they have no way of knowing for certain.

In their quest for survival, the Shasvastii have become masters of genetic manipulation, subtly altering their genome to thrive in disparate environments. This mastery reaches its pinnacle in the fearsome Speculo Killers: Specialized in exploration, forward observation, espionage, incursion, and assassination, a Speculo Killer is capable of modifying its biosynthetic body into a near-perfect replica of its impersonation target. They can even download a victim’s Cube into their own, allowing them to master their memories and intimately mimic their behavior.

Combined Army

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