The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army.

Although they have been more successful in
their clash with the Combined Army than most
of the species, now extinct or assimilated, that have tried to resist the hegemonic flood of the Evolved Intelligence in the past, the Tohaa have been waging a war of painful attrition for a long time. The ordeal has taken a toll of lost lives and lost planets. The Tohaa know that, unless they can change the course of their struggle, they too will succumb to the EI’s onslaught.

Physical Appearance:

The Tohaa are generally taller and more slender than humans, usually possessing a gracile beauty and pale, mocha-cream skin. Their soldiers, however, have often received extensive bio-modification, which can result in starkly inhuman and almost demonic features.

Due to the tenuous atmosphere of their home planet, the Tohaa’s large, pointed ears ironically provide them with only the poorest of hearing. They compensate for this with the thick tendrils which form the “phero blossom” on the back of the Tohaa head. Dismissed as “alien hair” in a number of Maya broadcasts, these tendrils are actually formed from layered, bio-mesh sensory surfaces.


The Tohaa’s cerebral tissues provide a remarkable, multi-threaded access to a near-eidetic memory, but each redundant copy of the memory has a different “ avor” — a unique mix of sense memories or associations. This multifaceted perception of memory and reality means that the Tohaa perception of self inherently considers things from diverse points of view; they instinctively play the devil’s advocate. This creates a curiously zen-like consciousness which stands in stark contrast to the “brutal thoughts” of humanity.

The sensory surfaces of their tendrils provide an incredible olfactory sensitivity while also serving as the largest and most complex of the seven major pheromonal zones located on their bodies. The rich pheromonal exchanges these organs make possible largely define the Tohaa language and culture.

The intimate nature of pheromonal communication perhaps explains the natural gregariousness of the Tohaa. This can allow the Tohaa to form fast friendships and alliances, but can also be a bane: It often takes no more than a relatively short period of enforced isolation for a Tohaa to suffer from an extreme, almost crippling depression.


The political, social, military and even personal structures of Tohaa life are fundamentally trinary. Absolutely everything in the Tohaa world is built on a base-3 architecture. It is strange for them to even think outside of the number three.

During their adolescence, Tohaa form strong social triads. The members of the triad each receive a second surname composed of the first syllable of the inherited surname of each member. These sororal triads can change over time which results in a Tohaa’s sororal surname changing.

Most adult Tohaa, of course, will also eventually form a familial triad, granting them a third surname. A child born to the triad inherits a surname based on the familial triad. No other children will be born to the family triad until the firstborn leaves to pursue higher education.

“There is a certain danger to them. Under their cool demeanor and their distant courtesy you can sense a two-faced nature. They are well-versed in the mechanisms of deceit. They know how to twist laws and treaties. Their re ned vocabulary fails to completely conceal the fundamental meaning of their words. They want something from us, and whatever they offer us in return will not be worth our while. Even worse, their conscience will be clean. From the way they carry themselves it is apparent they emphatically approve of double-dealings, schemes, and the trade of political loyalties. We are dealing with veterans of intergalactic negotiation, and we are clearly at a disadvantage. We are merely children playing in the houses of our elders.”

- Excerpt from “On the Tohaa Contact Treaty”, Saladin (O-12 Liasion Officer), Internal File of the O-12 Oberhaus (Concilium Prima)


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