A "werewolf" adrenaline junkie.


Home Planet: Dawn

Faction: Ariadna



Your whole life, you have been treated like a dog with a disease. As a kid, you were coddled because everyone feared that the “beast” would come out. It made for a lonely childhood, where you watched the “normal” kids playing football in the park while you had to sit on the bench.
When you became a teenager you got invited to play in a Dog-Bowl game, and from there you learned what living life really was. You realized what you really were: Six hundred pounds of raw, feral potential.
Now people describe you as an adrenaline junky. You like driving fast cars, brawling with the toughest guys, and clawing your way out of dangerous situations. You have become obsessed with flying: The cross between fear and joy that comes from rocketing a drop ship across the skies of Dawn makes you feel truly free. The fact people still think of you as a beast only makes your fanged grin wider.


Bureau Noir Terrordactyl