An assassin for the good of Haqqislam.


Home Planet: Bourak

Faction: Haqqislam



People underestimate you because you are quiet. They look past you because you blend into the background. They misjudge you because you look harmless. That is how you get close enough to kill.
You were raised by the Hassassin Society. They took you in when you were just a child. You remember the warm smile of the Old Man of the Mountain when you first entered the secret stronghold deep in the desert. He embraced you and promised to look after you. Here was family, and in his eyes you felt the power that comes from certainty.
That was a long time ago. You are a true hassassin now, fully grown to adulthood, fully equipped and trained, serving the Society. You go where the Old Man sends you and strike dead the enemies of Haqqislam
and those who would stand in the way of the Search for Knowledge. You work best up close. You look them in the eye as they go and they know why they have died. A knife in the heart to kill, and a knife in the head to destroy the Cube. So that everyone knows you do not cross the hassassins and get a second chance.
One day, it will be too much. Sooner or later the day will come where you cannot escape. On that day you will be happy to die doing the will of the Society. For you will know that the Old Man is proud of you.


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