Covert operative doing PanOceania's dirty work.


Home Planet: Neoterra

Faction: PanOceania



When you are out on a mission, there is only you. You are beyond the law, beyond oversight. Beyond retribution… unless you slip up.
That is what being a Hexas agent is all about: Total responsibility
for your own actions. You get the latest weaponry, all the coolest spy gadgets, and any luxury you need in order to maintain a cover. In return you shoulder the burden of deciding what is right for PanOceania’s interests. And what is needed for its survival.
A noble purpose. But has it justified everything you have done? Deals with the worst people in the world. Lies. Betrayals. The occasional killing. “They had it coming.” That is what your station chief said after every death. They had it coming. Would a priest say that, if you told him in confession? You do not know. You think not.
It is not all doom and gloom. More often than not, you get to live
a rockstar lifestyle. Luxury spaceliners, high-roller suites at the Sphere’s best casinos, the finest food and drink money can buy, all the trimmings. You enjoy it all; you make friends fast and forget them in the blink of an eye. There is always a new mission, a new place to go. And you make the most of it. You forget the faces of the dead until you remember them again. In the end, sooner or later, we all have it coming. So you enjoy life while it lasts.


Bureau Noir Terrordactyl