Corporal Felix Yorgos

“Be smart about this and we can all get out of this happy.”




Appearance: Greek-African with a dash of Arabic. Chiseled in face and body. His eyes are cybernetic implants with rotating haloes of gold and silver.

Background: Felix comes from a family of mudhoppers, bouncing around the Human Sphere while never really calling any planet home. After a cosmopolitan youth, he ended up fighting in the Neocolonial Wars, first for PanOceania, then for a variety of mercenary companies. After the Rio Negro Peace, he washed out on Paradiso. A few months later O-12 recruiters tracked him down at a beach house on the shores of Syldavia: They took one look at his pan-planetary resume and knew he was exactly the type of soldier they needed as they expanded in an effort to prevent another war.

Corporal Felix Yorgos

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